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Autism and Essential Oils

I have autism, Asperger’s Syndrome to be specific (which isn’t the current term but the one I prefer).  I always feel strange saying it.  I got my formal clinical diagnosis only a few years back after spending a lifetime realising I function on a different basis to the majority. As you may know if you… Continue reading Autism and Essential Oils

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Summertime Cool

Hydration is your key to enjoying the summer months.  Although today here in England it’s been raining it’s still been warm.  When I conduct Food Diaries with my coaching clients that’s when we often realise that they’re not drinking enough fluids during the day or in the heat they are drinking far too many sodas/soft… Continue reading Summertime Cool

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Natural makeup mineral foundation

I’ve tested out a new foundation powder.  I normally use NYR but they have discontinued most of their organic cosmetic range for now (apparently they are redeveloping a new line).  I dislike wearing too much makeup and prefer a natural look so I was really pleased to try out another natural range that uses mineral powder… Continue reading Natural makeup mineral foundation

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My new super duper vibrant Essential Oils

As many of you know I took a 2-year training in Aromatherapy and Advanced Aromatherapy Techniques around 6 years ago.  I love essential oils and herbalism too (which I’ve taken lay training in – if you want to work with a herbalist then please find someone who has Medical Herbalist training to degree level) so… Continue reading My new super duper vibrant Essential Oils