5G Technology – helpful or health hazard?

I first came across the 5G issue about 18 months ago.  I had heard that Sheffield council were chopping lots of trees down in the city and it sounded a bit like a conspiracy theory at first.  After some digging around I found out that yes they were chopping trees down at an alarming rate, even old and majestic trees that in theory should have been under conservation orders.  Not only that the company that was contracted to cut them down was part of a 5G telecommunications corporation.  Then I also found out that it was true that trees interfere with 5G signals and that Sheffield was destined to be on one of the first citywide rollouts for 5G!

I have been digging around as best as I can on 5G technology.  It raises a lot of concerns for me as a mother and also given that I know so many people who have had unusual brain tumours and whose jobs put them in constant wifi network hubs.

Anyway I am leaving this YouTube video here for you to watch.

Former President Of Microsoft Canada Frank Clegg: On Safety & 5G/Wireless Technologies

“5G gives off radio frequency radiation which is absorbed and accumulates in the human body.”



Please do watch it and if it is something that concerns you too please consider sharing it.  We don’t want to be conspiracy theorists yet it would be fair to ask that we know that this technology being rolled out is safe.

Personally I never leave my very basic non Smart phone switched on.  I only switch it on to check messages.  I’m not sure this is going to be enough with 5G as we will be exposed all over the place. I would say before you buy a 5G phone really think hard – we deserve more studies and more knowledge to show this technology is safe.

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