Monday Movement and Motivation Menu

Monday Motivation Menu idea:

Sometimes a big struggle for coaching clients can be what they are going to eat that isn’t straight out of a box, especially if they’re tired towards the end of the day.

A great thing to do is to plan out your menu of meals for the week ahead or at least have an idea of what you’re going to have for your main meal.

So today, we’re having a grassfed beef burger (no additives) from a local farm for our evening meal with sweet potato chips (fries) and roasted vegetables including some local sweetcorn on the cob (maize). All of these can be easily cooked in the oven keeping preparation time low. I don’t tend to peel the vegetables – rather give them a quick scrub over and then chop them rough and throw them in a baking tray.



I also will be using the ‘hair’ from the sweetcorn to make a cup of tea with (it’s called corn silk).




Any leftover vegetables I can blend up the next day (add some stock and mix in and you have vegetable soup) or use as a leftover meal for lunch, perhaps with some cheese grated on or with a salad dressing (with herbs and essential oils) and some nuts or seeds.

What is your main meal for today?  What does your menu look like for the week?


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Plant is a certified health coach. She supports people to make better food and lifestyle choices to upgrade their health and wellbeing.  Her website is here:  www.elizabethplant.co.uk

She also offers clinical massage therapy and reflexology from a clinic in Cheshire.

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