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Autism and Essential Oils

I have autism, Asperger’s Syndrome to be specific (which isn’t the current term but the one I prefer).  I always feel strange saying it.  I got my formal clinical diagnosis only a few years back after spending a lifetime realising I function on a different basis to the majority.

As you may know if you follow my blog, I have been involved with essential oils since I was a teenager and for the past three years I have been using the doTERRA brand with great success and joy.

Many people with autism find their senses get overloaded during their day-to-day experiences.  Also poor sleep and feeling overly exhausted can be issues along with anxious feelings.  Many of us also have achey bodies if we have co-conditions such as hypermobility or digestive discomfort.

I thought I would compile a little write up of what helps me go about my day-to-day along with what I know works for others too.

In the morning, I try to get outside to ground myself with bare feet.  As a child I couldn’t stand having bare feet and always wore socks but after working on this I love being barefoot and especially standing on grass or soil and imagining myself growing roots to connect with the earth below.  I have to let my senior hen out in the morning and/or my dog depending on who else is up.  After my shower I tend to apply Balance to my feet (it’s pre-diluted so you can use it as is from the bottle without further diluting), put my socks on and also spend a few minutes inhaling it with my feet firmly on the ground.  Balance is the grounding blend and helps to:

  • promote a whole-body sense of relaxation
  • ease anxious feelings
  • evoke feelings of tranquility and balance

Balance blend rest and stress

I also use the Yoga blend Align (the centering blend) which is also pre-diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) and has rose and jasmine in it.  I tend to put this over my heart chakra area and my decolette.   Align helps to:

  • Promote feelings of self-acceptance, trust, and fluidity
  • Encourage harmony and progress calm

I find that both Balance and Align help me deal with changes and transitions better.

If I feel tired during the day I find that Peppermint and Wild Orange together are the perfect pick me up aromas.  For any digestive distress I use Zengest (Digestzen) blend diluted and I rub it in clockwise into my abdomen.  For my female cycle I use Clary Calm diluted (this one is in a rollerball but isn’t already diluted so I roll it into the palm of my hand and then use the unscented body lotion to combine it with and then rub that into my lower abdomen/pelvic area where my uterus and ovaries are.  I also rub that into the reflex points on my feet around the heel area (medial and lateral areas).

At night I find Serenity blend is excellent diffused or diluted down and a little added topically to the chest and/or feet for helping with sleep or simply Lavender (the doTERRA lavender is from Bulgaria and smells beautiful, grown in biodynamic style conditions and helps many people in the local community with its Co-Impact Sourcing, a way to ensure that people are fairly traded with and that respects the local environment).  Balance also is helpful at night too as I find it stops my mind racing off all over the place.  These two blends are particularly helpful with children too.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a clinical massage therapist, aromatherapist, reflexologist and holistic health coach.  She guides and supports people to find their way to making better choices with food and lifestyle.  Her doTERRA website is located at and you can enrol with her if you would like her support and guidance as you learn about these amazing essential oils.






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