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Summertime Cool

Hydration is your key to enjoying the summer months.  Although today here in England it’s been raining it’s still been warm.  When I conduct Food Diaries with my coaching clients that’s when we often realise that they’re not drinking enough fluids during the day or in the heat they are drinking far too many sodas/soft drinks with lots of sugar and artificial flavourings.

Many people complain they dislike the taste of water.  Some ways to make water more enticing with flavour are to add slices of citrus fruits like lime or lemon, adding frozen berries like cherries or slices of cucumber and adding herbs like mint leaves.  All these can really flavour your glass of water in a different way that tempt your tastebuds.   On very hot days make a jug up, stick it in the fridge and get a reuseable glass or steel waterbottle and refill it during the day.  I like to advise people to have a drink at least half an hour before eating meals as that is believed to help with digestion.



Happy hydration 🙂


Elizabeth is a massage therapist, reflexologist and has been an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2014.  She loves D&D, playing the drums (full kit – heavy rock) and helping people to improve their way to a healthier and more joyful lifestyle.  Her website is at where she can be contacted for consultations.  If you would like to train as a Health Coach yourself please visit this link here for more details and get in contact with me.

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