Take Your Kitchen Back 100 Years with home cooking traditional foods

One of my passions is cooking.  I’m not the best at it but I love having a go at all sorts of recipes and it is something I encourage my clients to learn.  There’s a cooking course out this week with Jill from the Prairie Homestead, author, cook and homesteader.

If you love the idea of learning how to make:

  • Shiny jars of homemade jam.
  • Crusty loaves of warm bread fresh from the oven.
  • Golden yellow sweet cream butter.

then this course is for you.  It all sounds so lovely and old-fashioned, doesn’t it?

Our automated society with fast food, microwaves and TV dinners means that many of us lose touch with our food.  Yet it’s good to be able to cook at home and know how to make things from scratch.  This course will teach you how to make sourdough, can green beans and make fermented vegetables, all of which can vastly improve gut health.

There’s nothing more grounding than cooking a meal with fresh ingredients and whole foods.  So many of us will watch a TV show with cooking on but then we don’t do it ourselves.  This course is designed to watch whilst you take the action to make the recipes  and not just passively sit there watching celebrities make impossibly hard meals or cakes with ingredients you can’t easily find.  

Traditional cooking is not hard! And making nourishing food for ourselves and the people we love isn’t drudgery, not to mention, food that you cook at home will almost always be more nourishing than anything prepared in a factory. It’s all the type of food that is easy once you know how and delicious too.  With good health comes good hair and skin too.  If you want to glow then this course has so many excellent choices of food that you can eat year round.

Our cultural knowledge of how to make good meals in the kitchen has been eroded over the last few generations with the advent of convenience foods. It’s time to bring resourcefulness back to our kitchens, and this course is your ticket.

Jill Winger, an experienced homesteader, author and home cook, has taken the best of these “heritage kitchen arts” and has condensed them into simple DIY cooking tutorial videos  that you can watch for FREE from March 11-15th 2019!

If you’ve ever felt the urge to learn how to bake sourdough bread, ferment your own vegetables, or can that farmer’s market or organic box scheme bounty but haven’t known where to start, you will LOVE this!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn in These Videos:

  • How to (SAFELY) Can Veggies, Broth, and Even MEAT in a Pressure Canner
  • How to Cure Your Own Ham and Summer Sausage (and what you need to know about nitrates/nitrites)
  • A Non-Fussy “Homestead Sourdough” Bread Technique that Yields Gorgeous, Crusty Loaves
  • How to Make Melt-In-Your-Mouth Mozzarella Cheese in 30-Minutes or Less!
  • How to Use Salt and Water to Transform Garden Veggies into Probiotic-Packed Goodness
  • Trusted (Simple) Recipes for From-Scratch Brown Gravy, DIY Powdered Sugar, and 10-Minute Enchilada Sauce

Save Your Spot Now!

The free viewing period is only available for a short amount of time, so reserve your spot now!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Plant is a health coach and complementary therapist who resides and works in the UK.  She has a passion for helping her clients learn to make healthier lifestyle and food choices.

Please note this blog contains some affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of sales, at no extra cost to you.  I only act as an affiliate for brands, services and products I know, love and use myself.  

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