Supplement Myths

Supplements are there to supplement an already good diet.  It’s something I come across as a health coach, that there are some people who think that if they take a supplement they can eat really badly as the “supplement helps me get all I need.”  It’s an unfortunate belief as it’s untrue. If you take a supplement it will not protect you or keep you healthy if the rest of the time you are not eating well nor following a healthy lifestyle.  Also some supplements are better quality than others and some studies have shown that some supplements do not contain what they say on the bottle.

I personally love Spatone (for iron) and Floradix (iron and B vitamins) and also enjoy taking doTERRA LifeLong Vitality (aka LLV).  If I need magnesium I look for magnesium glycinate.


llv bottles

Supplements need to be part of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes good food and fluid choices, movement, good sleep and wellbeing.


Disclaimer:  please consult with your medical professional before taking supplements.


About Elizabeth
Elizabeth is a holistic-based complementary therapist who offers an integrative approach to her hands-on therapies in clinical massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.
She also offers health coaching services along with her specialisation in Stress Management through colour and crystal therapy.
If you would like to learn about LLV supplements please visit my doTERRA website and enrol with a kit and then order a monthly wellness box (that you can stop at any time) or here:  http://springtimeholistics.com/essentialoils.html
To find out more please visit her websites at www.springtimeholistics.com and www.elizabethplant.co.uk

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