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Eating fibre daily

You need between 25-30 g of fibre each day. Most people get about half that daily, if that.  Not eating enough fibre can result in constipation which can cause build up in the bowels that give discomfort.  Also higher levels of hormone issues and certain types of cancer are linked to not having enough fibre.
The right kind of fibre intake can help keep your gut healthy as well as your skin. You need to balance this with taking in too much insoluble fibre which can create a situation for some people where they don’t get chance to absorb nutrients if they already have gut health issues; soluble fibre can really help.
Fibre helps with improving digestion (and absorption of vital nutrients), blood sugar balance and also helps to keep your gut flora thriving too. It helps with colon health by keeping transit time for the bowels faster and also ensures our faeces exit with the right kind of waste products.
It’s worth eating more vegetables (5 a day plus if possible) and a couple of servings of legumes and fruit each day.  If you are ok with grains then a serving of whole grains can help each day too.
Chia and flax seeds can also help with fibre intake. They can be added to smoothies or sprinkled on.
Also drinking enough fluids each day is really important.
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About Elizabeth
Elizabeth is a holistic-based complementary therapist who offers an integrative approach to her hands-on therapies in clinical massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.
She also offers health coaching services along with her specialisation in Stress Management through colour and crystal therapy.
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