Why I am a Great Coach

So the last few years I’ve been doing a coaching challenge run by a coach for coaches.  Each time I have written out 30 Reasons Why I Am a Great Coach and this year I’ve decided to write it down here in my blog.  There’s a level of discomfort in praising yourself so this is why it’s a good exercise to do.  I recommend doing this exercise for your own self.  It could be why you are a great parent, a great teacher or as broad as a great person.  Have a go and put it down on paper.

So here are my 30 Reasons Why I’d Make a Great Coach (in my case am as that’s what I do).


  1.  I have been coached myself and set and achieved goals – I understand coaching both as a coach and coachee.   I know coaching works.
  2. I received training and am qualified to coach since 2014.  I trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is a Level 4, 120 credit (university level) coaching course followed by a further 6 month course in their Immersion program on further skills.  I also trained with HMBA (now known as Health Coach Institute) and have a NLP training certificate  that I took for CPD and understand the basic principles.
  3. I’ve been broken down in my life a number of times and still got back up.  I know how to persist, to be aware and to get done what needs doing so can support and inspire others.
  4. I love making a difference with my range of skills and also willing to learn more to improve how well I coach.
  5. I want to make the world a nicer place – it’s not external, it’s internal. People who are happy and satisfied with their lives and are being kind to themselves tend to be kind to others.
  6. I love it when people are successful and happy.  One of my top 5 strengths (Gallup Strengths Finder) is Developer which is about recognising and cultivating the potential in others.
  7. I know how to listen and extract what is relevant to meeting goals.  I’ve learned how to recognise when someone’s actions are incongruent to what they are saying and will ask why.
  8. I practice my own self care and nurturing behaviour with myself and loved ones each day.
  9. I have good research skills.  If I don’t know something I can usually find out.
  10. My life experience enables me to offer coaching services to support those who want and need them.  I am alive and in my 5th decade of life.
  11. I was and am a good mother to my daughter.  Her early and primary years with home education enabled her to grow into a very kind and compassionate and patient person. I am someone who believes in nurturing people to be their best. As a parent I have developed skills that are also applicable to coaching.
  12. I have been through some very intense, negative and hurtful experiences where I have been disempowered and left broken and hurting but I still survived.
  13. I have Asperger’s – it gives me difficulties with differences but also has positive attributes too.
  14. On Myers Briggs I come out as an INFJ – I am introverted and intuitive.  When I work with my intuition it helps greatly.
  15. I’ve lost myself a number of times both literally and figuratively but found myself again, found where I was and needed and wanted to be and I hope to help others do that too.
  16. I’m an avid learner for life.  I’m always learning and utilising that with everyone I meet and work with.
  17. I know bodywork modalities such as massage therapy and reflexology and understand how the mind and body (and spirit) are linked.
  18. I feel people’s pain and care about changing it with them.  I set boundaries to ensure they are ready to be aware and make the changes they need themselves. Often it’s the smallest changes that allow someone to be aware of how much they own who and how they are.
  19. I love it when people succeed after becoming aware, awake, realising and taking action.
  20. I am curious about why and how.
  21. I love it when clients improve their health, happiness and wellbeing.
  22. I love people’s stories to be rewritten.  I’ve achieved things that I didn’t think I could and know others can too.
  23. I love to see people take the actions that transform them.
  24. I believe in coaching as a way to change and improve life.  I believe that coaching conversations and questions help people to think and do better.
  25. I’m imperfect but right for me and I know I can do things better and that applies to my coachee clients too.
  26. I’m on the journey with the innerwork that is needed to coach.
  27. I like it when people don’t need to hurt anymore because of beliefs that are getting in their way.  I like to challenge and change how I and others think when it is needed.
  28. I practice gratitude daily even when I was going through grief, loss and pain.
  29. I want to make my life, that of my loved ones and that of my clients better.  Life spirals out like the Fibonacci sequence.
  30. I value fun and to help people to laugh with themselves.

What I’d like you to do is get a notepad and pen and write out your own 30 Reasons for an area in your life that is important to you.



About Elizabeth Plant

Why work with me? 
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellbeing Coach (via IIN – equivalent to Level 4 degree level standards in coaching)
  • Healthy Eating Advisor VTCT
  • Clinical massage therapist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Reflexologist
  • Essential oil educator
  • Holistic heart-centred approach
  • Nourishment rather than deprivation

See my website at www.elizabethplant.co.uk

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