Money and Memories

I got asked a while back “What is your first memory of money?  Share everything you can remember about the first time money came into your awareness. What was happening? This moment in time initiated a relationship and belief about money. What did it have you believe in that moment about the world? About yourself? About what is possible? About what is not possible?” by Jeanine Yoder who is a coach.

My response was “My first memory of money is putting pennies into a chocolate machine. It was a childhood toy that you dropped pennies into and that came out as chocolate (as a child I believed literally in the alchemical process that copper pennies could turn into chocolate). 🙂 I think I was two or three. My parents didn’t let me use the machine often nor give me many pennies to use with it and it ran out of chocolate and they didn’t replace it but I used it as a piggy bank for a while with a bonus. It was useful in that I spent a long time trying to figure out how it worked – how did money turn into chocolate (several years of my childhood) and eventually I realised it was not a literal thing.  It did make me realise that money is useful though.  When I started working and even before I used to save and save and did well until I had a partner who took all my savings (and my car too).  That chocolate bar piggy bank did have a positive impact on finances in that it taught me money can transform into things we like (even if figuratively), it is good to save and that you need to invest if you want more chocolate 🍫 and that you need to have more than you spend.”

To me investment is important in education and knowledge too.

What are your own earliest money memories?  How did they have an effect on who you are today?



About Elizabeth Plant

I am a mother of one teen who offers coaching services and also delivers complementary therapies in the forms of massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.

I also am an independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and have my membership shop site here.

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