In August of this year, after my post on anaemia, I discovered I had a high CA125 count and a right ovarian cyst.  I went to my GP feeling run down and tired plus I had unusual aches and pains that I couldn’t explain.

After a blood test and an ultrasound I discovered I had a CA125 count that was outside the normal range as well as a right ovarian cyst – this can be an indicator of ovarian cancer.  Now the way I operate is holistically.  To me holistic means taking action alongside the normal processes that we follow.  So as the NHS ran their tests I decided to be pro-active alongside.  I believe that our bodies will heal themselves  if they are able to. That doesn’t mean waiting for conventional medicine to work; that means being an active participant and taking steps and actions needed to change from dis-function and dis-ease to wellness.  I researched everything I could about my condition;  I knew that I did not want to leave it for the NHS to sort out as that usually involves surgery and painkillers.  Instead I asked people I know in the health field both allopathic and allied and naturopathic for information and resources.  I know an excellent medical herbalist who got me a large amount of herbal medicine grade nettle (sadly I don’t have my cottage garden anymore where I used to get my own remedies from) and drank infusions of nettle tea daily.  I also added dulse flakes to my cooking.  To me herbs are food, not just medicine so in order to make the best of them we nourish and nurture ourselves with them (I learned this when I studied with Susun Weed and also took a 1 year herbal diploma).  I also as a bodyworker know about myofascia and tissue restriction and congestion.  The ovaries are suspended via ligaments; if the surrounding tissue is unable to move then the ovaries lose their natural flow and that’s when congestion can occur which can lead to the type of cyst I had.  That’s not conventional thinking but I visited my osteopath as although I can do these things I can’t easily self treat.  My fabulous osteopath found that my psoas was incredibly tight.  I was having rib and knee pain which relates to fascial restrictions and trigger points, plus nerve compression for the knee.  I was also having pain around the ovary area on the right that came in small waves.  The osteopathic treatment changed all this congestion and tightness (Helen Wither in Tabley is excellent).  I was very anxious about the cyst because sometimes they are cancerous and I am fortunate to have a dear friend who is a medical doctor and she told me about haemerroghic cysts (HGIC) which was reassuring (I’d already researched and read about them but it needed someone objective to allow me to stop being in panic mode).

With the anaemia I hadn’t realised that my tiredness wasn’t due to the hot weather and because of it I was really lazy and not moving as much as I need to.  Once I understood  what had been going on and why then I realised I could change a lot of things myself.  I made changes to move a lot more with lots of walks, despite the tiredness, including yoga stretching and to cut out gluten and sugar to increase my nutritional uptake of nourishing choices. Often we will eat a slice of ’empty carb’ processed food and fill ourselves with these; empty of nutrition but loaded with calories and filling us up with nothing useful.  With nutritional depletion such as anaemia every mouthful counts and it’s very important to fill up on healthy choices instead.  I have also been taking the doTERRA LLV supplement (half dose) and because I had anaemia too I was taking Floradix, nettle juice (Salus) and Spatone (taking alongside food based Vitamin C).  Foodwise I was nourishing myself with leafy greens like kale and lemon juice and olive oil plus the DoTERRA Omega blend.  I have been keeping my food plates simple – sweet potato fries with baked salmon and roast vegetables for example.  I made a rollerball from doTERRA essential oils using fractionated coconut oil, frankincense, helichrysum, lemon and rubbed that into the area and around my navel plus various times during my cycle using Clary Sage and other oils too.

I have visualised and meditated plus used breathing exercises too because I know stress was a major factor in this.  I’ve also realised that I would have loved another child and that sometimes a cyst such as this has an emotional connection to unfulfilled parts of life.  Rather than a baby my ovary created a cyst.

I also had conventional medical testing done.  As well as an abdominal ultrasound I underwent a transvaginal ultrasound plus also had a gastroscopy as some of my symptoms included frequent burping and bloating. The gastroscopy was clear (it was an interesting procedure to have – I opted out of sedation and was able to watch the whole thing whilst using my Balance essential oil blend to keep myself calm and using my breathing too).

Yesterday morning I found out that my CA125 levels are now normal plus I am feeling so much better than I did in the summer.  I phoned up for my results but if I had gone in person the lovely receptionist would have seen me smiling and dancing with relief.

I realise that not everyone, even if they do ‘all the right things’, will have such good news but it’s really important to do our utmost to mitigate the risks and take positive actions to enhance the benefits of our wellbeing.

About Me:

I’m a massage therapist, trained at the Jing Institute in Brighton and year 1 of Soft Tissue Release from the College of Osteopaths in Stoke. I’m also an aromatherapist, reflexologist and health & wellness coach trained with IIN.  I work holistically which means I encourage my clients to be active in their own wellness goals.

My websites are here:  http://springtimeholistics.com

And here: Elizabeth Plant – Health Coach

I also work as a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate. If you would like to shop for essential oils then please visit my shop here.



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