September 2018

This month the special offer below on enrolment kits with DoTERRA has been extended until 15th September 2018.  I enrolled in doTERRA back in 2016 and am ever so glad I did.  As an aromatherapist who has used lots of different brands I’ve been really impressed by the quality and devotion given to this range.  I love the single oils as well as all the blends.

My lifesaver when I was away was the  kit of 10 essential oils that cover all sorts of things and it was so helpful.  I’ve cooked, cleaned and used them for minor skin issues.  When I was bitten and itchy I used lavender (plus Arborvitae which isn’t in an enrolment kit but is a good add on for the next month after joining).  I use Lavender as part of my family’s first aid kit too and it’s amazing for sleep.

Lemon essential oil is so versatile – as well as its uplifting aroma it cuts through grease and adds a delicious flavour to raw chocolate (with a little sea salt).  Frankincense is great for grounding, and is the King of Oils.  I use Deep Blue, the soothing blend, when I need to sort out tired muscles.  For clear breathing I use EasyAir, the respiratory support blend.  The Peppermint is lovely in toothpaste or to zing and uplift and clear my thoughts.

All you need to do is click Join & Save at my website here:  https://www.mydoterra.com/elizabethplant/#/

and follow the instructions.

With this offer one of the best kits to join with is the  Home Essentials Kit which is amazing value and contains everything you need to get started on holistic family wellbeing plus they can be used for meditation too.

It includes a diffuser plus 10 essential oils, 9 of them 15ml size and 1, Deep Blue, being 5ml size.  These are the Top 10 essential oils that are must haves and include Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Oregano, Melaleuca, plus the blends OnGuard (immune support), ZenGest (digestive support), EasyAir (respiratory support).

Come and join our oily living community.  When you join through me you will then receive a Wellness Consultation follow up after where I help guide you on how to use the essential oils safely and effectively.  Plus I’m there as your Wellness Advocate for the life of your account and able to answer questions.  Plus at DoTERRA we have an amazing group of scientists, doctors and aromatherapists backing us with science and knowledge to ensure we maximise on their benefits.

August 2018 enrolment 20% off

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