Managing anxiety with essential oils

Aromatherapy is perfect for managing anxiety.  As an aromatherapist and Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA I have integrated essential oils into supporting my clients.

First off, if you do have anxiety and have had it a while, then please do go and see your GP/primary care provider if you can. It’s worth ruling out any underlying medical condition.  Also anxiety can also follow a trauma, or a number of traumas.  Many of us have anxiety for a good reason if something traumatic happened in our life and it was not addressed and it can help to have counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy or NLP too. It is not a sign of weakness to have support.  It’s no good trying to brave it out yourself when it would be far better to share how you feel and get the help you need.  I know that many people think “Oh I don’t want to be a bother to anyone,” but in fact you won’t be.  If you start to manage anxiety then you can help others as well as yourself when you start to feel better.

Many have anxiety as an everyday issue to deal with and although having sought help it can stay around.  Essential oils can be a real help for anxiety-related symptoms.  First, consider how aromatherapy works.  All essential oils are aromatic as they are made from aromatic compounds so whether you apply them topically or inhale them they still work on that aromatic basis.  They reach the olfactory sections of your brain which tie into emotions and how we experience these.  If you have a few essential oils (if you don’t let me know and I will gladly send you some samples to try out – you can have a complimentary consultation with me over Skype so we can figure out what would work best for you) then sniff a few of them.  Notice which ones you are drawn to.  Citrus essential oils often have a happy feeling to them; lemon or lime instantly have that sunshine feeling to them.  However, they don’t tend to last long as they are what are called ‘top notes’ so they wear off quite quickly.  They may be perfect for a quick pick me up though.  Other essential oils such as lavender can be very relaxing for many people.  I use a blend called Serenity which is known to create a sense of peace and wellbeing as it calms the emotions.  It contains Lavender Flower, Cedarwood, Ho Wood Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Marjoram Leaf, Roman Chamomile Flower, Vetiver Root, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood.  Lavender and chamomile are floral essential oils and known for their emotional gentleness with lavender having clinical studies supporting its use in lowering anxiety.

My other favourite blend to support those with anxiety is Balance, which promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit.  It contains Spruce Needle/Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

The following oils really help with bringing your body down into a relaxed state:

  • lavender
  • chamomile
  • frankincense
  • cedarwood
  • vetiver
  • Serenity
  • Balance


The Effects of Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils on Test‐Taking Anxiety Among Graduate Nursing Students –McCaffrey, Ruth DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, GNP-BC; Thomas, Debra J. DNS, RN, FNP/ANP; Kinzelman, Ann Orth RN Holistic; Nursing Practice: March/April 2009 – Volume 23 – Issue 2 – p 88–93

About Elizabeth

I’m a mother to one and qualified in clinical massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and a Health and Wellness Coach.  I work with people to manage their pain and stress levels using complementary therapies.  For a free chat on how I can help (and yes, even if you live at a distance I can as I work via Skype with coaching and educating you about relaxation techniques and essential oils) please visit my website here.  If you would like to add essential oils into your life then please let me know.  I offer people a free consultation so we can discover what needs addressing and then I can send you some samples to test out.  DoTerra offer a number of options to join.  Or simply contact me and we can go through the joining process together.



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