Orchard and flowers

I’ve not written for a while. I’ve been with my boyfriend the past few weeks and he’s bought a smallholding with orchard trees in it. The plum trees have been blossoming the past few weeks and the blossom is starting to drop today.  We also have quince in full bloom at the moment.  The apple trees are due to blossom at the end of the month.  We also have peach and nectarine trees and about 4 and a half rows of rhubarb.

The lawn here has been covered in white violets for the past week or so and also dandelions.  Last night we had dandelion flower fritters. I collected the flower heads, removed the green stalk, rinsed and washed them in cold water, coated them in almond milk with egg and almond flour and fried them in a frying pan with some coconut oil.  They tasted great and I added maple syrup to taste.  We have also had forsythia blossoms and the violet flowers with our salads.

Today was very hot indeed.  The spring here started slow but today’s heat was more like summer in England in July or August.

The only downside here is the voracious blood-sucking black flies.  The female flies come out for about 4 weeks, feed frantically, lay eggs and then don’t return for another year.  However, the amount of pain and itching they cause, considering how small they are is immense.  I have welts that are at least an inch across.  I forgot to use my fly blend today so they were feasting.  Tonight I am going to be using lavender essential oil to dose the bites and alleviate the itching.


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