Exam Stress Management – Part 2

Keep hydrated.  Most schools remind pupils that they need to drink plenty of water and that they can take in a label free, clear bottle for water during an exam.  However, if you are a college or university student then it’s important that you do the same plus always ensure whilst you are studying that even if you drinking copious amounts of coffee that you are also having water and herbal teas.

Aromatherapy can really help during exam season.  Rosemary essential oil has studies showing that it can help with memory.  You can sniff it on a nearby tissue or with a diffuser whilst studying or during an exam use it on a cotton wool ball on your desk. Citrus oils such as lemon for focus, (Wild) Orange for mood enhancement and peppermint can help with alertness.  There is a blend I love called Motivation which is really good for keeping you going.  At night, to help with restful sleep then try a drop or two of lavender on a tissue near your pillow and massage your feet with a grounding blend like Balance.

Hayfever and seasonal allergies respond well to the support of blends like Breathe.  It may be worth visiting a medical herbalist if they are severe.  Traditional naturopathic approaches include taking a spoon of raw local honey and drinking nettle tea.

For female students there is nothing worse than having your period whilst you are   sitting an exam.  It happened to me and I only wish I knew then what I know now.  Anyway, think magnesium rich foods such as raw chocolate (cacao) and eat handfuls of nuts and seeds such as walnuts,and pumpkin seeds.  Again, essential oils can come to the rescue – lavender is analgesic and there are some studies that show the following essential oils can help with cramps – lavender, geranium, clary sage.  Once again, DoTerra have a blend called Clary Calm which many women and girls find useful as support for time of the month. You may also want to ensure that you are getting plenty of iron in,  B vitamins (try this delicious and chocolatey B vitamin supplement) and essential fatty acids – leafy greens, fish, eggs all play an important role.  Breakfast is a must if you have a period and an exam on the same day.



I’m mother to a teen, always learning, work as a complementary therapist (holding massage, reflexology and aromatherapy qualifications with a specialisation in Stress Management) and an Integrative Nutrition health and wellness coach.  I live in the UK but offer Skype coaching so I can work with you wherever you happen to be.


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