Winter Warmth

Even though it’s a blue sky day here in England and the sun is shining, I am aware that it is still winter.  The nights are still cold and between now and the spring I know there are more frosty mornings and possibilities of snow to come.  That said, I have started to see crocuses pushing up and snowdrops too plus tiny dandelion greens. My bantam girls, Honey, Snowdrop and Bluebell, are not laying eggs yet and won’t do until the spring equinox and I am still wearing my hat and scarf when I go out. On those cold, grey, gloomy days it can feel like being on top of The Wall in Game of Thrones (well maybe not quite that bad). 🙂


Four years ago I was in Canada at this time and it was deep snow as I had never seen before.  Over there people manage with the snow and ice; they have snow tyres, the snow ploughs come out early and the practical kind of winter clothing is available. I know that my English coat didn’t work very well out there and I had to wear two coats to stay warm enough.  Our heating cut out several times due to the electricity not working and we were in a remote location so it took a while for it to be restored but we did stay warm enough.  I guess I ought to not feel that our British winter weather is all that cold, especially when I heard that last week in the East Carpathian mountains of Romania it had reached -68 degC.

At this time of year I still love having soups and stews.  I have written a 1-week Winter Detox which contains recipes for smoothies and salads, but also nourishing soups as well as covering other Mind/Body/Spirit areas.

What are your favourite winter warming soups?  I think my current favourite is leek and potato and I also love butternut squash with spices such as cinnamon.


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