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First Aid Kit

Today I did another New Year declutter. This time it was checking my First Aid kit which I have two of, one for my business, and one for personal family use.  I went through old medications and out of date products and have put the medications to one side for safe disposal at a pharmacy.

In my first aid kit are quite a complementary health items like various herbs so I went through and threw anything that was past its best away.

It’s also a good idea to check your First Aid kit to see if anything needs restocking or needs finding as its been put down elsewhere.  With my business one I check that quite regularly; when I was at university this past year one of my student jobs in the osteopathy clinic was to do a weekly check of the First Aid kit there.  However, it’s easy to forget the personal use one and often other family members use things in it such as a plaster or an antiseptic wipe without telling me.

It also reminded me that I also need to renew my First Aid certificate soon.

When was the last time you checked your household or car First Aid kit?

About Me

I am a health coach, massage therapist and reflexologist plus mother to one.  I have a love of holistic health approaches and enjoy natural skincare, the natural world and my beautiful feather and fur family  – you can see more about what I do at my websites here:

www.springtimeholistics.com – massage, reflexology and holistic stress management

www.elizabethplant.co.uk – holistic health and wellness coaching (via Skype)






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