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If in doubt chuck it out!

This is the time of year that I utilise to throw out cosmetics and skincare items that are out of date.

Often we have received gifts at Christmas of cosmetics and skincare so this month of January is a good time to go through and do several tasks to help keep your skin in good shape:

  1.  Drink plenty of water for your skin health.
  2. Clean your makeup applicators and brushes
  3. Go through your cosmetics and skincare.
  4. Throw out anything that is out-of-date on the label or smells wrong or rancid. It’s really important to throw it out rather than continue using it as you could set up a skin reaction.  If like me you can make some of your own skincare then keep and wash out any glass containers or otherwise recycle them and any plastic ones you may have.
  5. Any products with carrier oils such as nut oils or essential oils will eventually go out of date.  Usually citrus based products are 3 months and anything with nut oils you can normally tell is rancid from the smell.  Don’t use these as oxidisation of products can mean they are more likely to cause a skin reaction.
  6. Give anything that is still unopened and in date away that you know you will never use.  Sometimes we know that we won’t use a particular brand, product or scent – not because they are bad but because we know what works for our own body.  Many charities, including women’s refuges, will take these or pass on to a friend.
  7. Anything left that is in date make it a priority to use.  Don’t save it for a special occasion – make more special occasions through your year.  There is no point having an expensive hand soap that you intend to save for guests in the back of cupboard.  Treat yourself and your family and use it.

Also, I recommend that you schedule into your diary for the next 12 months some selfcare time.  That way you will use up any products you do have; a lot of people think “Oh I will keep this for another day”.  It is better though to give yourself a regular time and use all the luscious skincare products you have rather than waste them as they go beyond their use by date.  Schedule in a fortnightly skin scrub in the shower (it only takes an extra 5 minutes to do this).  Give yourself a regular bath soak and treat yourself well.

About Me

Elizabeth Plant is a holistic health & wellness coach, a massage therapist (using clinical techniques) and reflexologist.  She recently studied and completed one year of the MOst degree at the College of Osteopaths. She’s mother to one teen and attachment parented and home educated using Steiner Waldorf  amongst her own eclectic, holistic philosophy.

She has a Neal’s Yard shop here for all your organic skincare needs.

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