Soul Gazing

Taken from my newsletter:

“I’ve been learning about ‘soulgazing’ and this is something you may find useful to do with yourself.  Basically for soulgazing with yourself you make the time to look at yourself in the mirror, into your eyes.  It can feel quite strange at first to make such intensive eye contact; any thoughts of “Oh I didn’t realise I had a spot there” or “Oh I need to sort my hair out” are normal and may start coming at first but simply acknowledge them and then move beyond.  Keep looking into your eyes and see if you can see your innermost self.  Turn off your self criticism voice and instead of looking at yourself on the surface look deep.  You don’t need to do this for long but long enough that you do go beyond what you look like and become aware of who you are, who the person is in your eyes, that soul within.
Most of the time when we do look into the mirror it is a fleeting glance to check nothing is amiss with what we are wearing or how we look before meeting with other people, going to work, going out and so on.  Any longer then it tends to be when we are being less kind to ourselves or putting on makeup to change how we look.

If you do try it, I’d love to hear how you get on and please be kind to yourself.

Many blessings

Elizabeth Plant is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and also works as a massage therapist and reflexologist.  She works with a range of modalities to support people to manage their stress, discover their best self and live holistically.

Her websites are here to sign up for her free monthly newsletter:

www.springtimeholistics.com and here www.elizabethplant.co.uk



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