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My new super duper vibrant Essential Oils

As many of you know I took a 2-year training in Aromatherapy and Advanced Aromatherapy Techniques around 6 years ago.  I love essential oils and herbalism too (which I’ve taken lay training in – if you want to work with a herbalist then please find someone who has Medical Herbalist training to degree level) so today I’m going to talk about essential oils and why I am now working with a range that has me loving them all over again and even more.

If you haven’t used essential oils in your life yet then imagine how they could change your stress levels and overall wellbeing if you knew more about them.  They have a wide range of uses from skincare to complementary supporting of health conditions.

As the years have gone by I’ve used less aromatherapy in my massage work as it’s not been easy at venues to take all my kit with me and also with the clinical massage techniques I use, it’s best to work without a massage medium i.e. dry rather than with lotions or carrier oils.

However, my passion for aromatherapy hasn’t gone away – my First Aid kit contains key essential oils that have evidence-based studies backing their use and a couple of months back I got back into using even more essential oils with a renewed interest. One of my health coach colleagues introduced me to an essential oil range that previously I was cynical about as it’s DoTerra (an MLM – yep an MLM!) and I had concerns about how they presented the oils when I first learned about them a few years back.  However, my cynicism has changed because they have changed how they run their company and product education and are now even receiving support from aromatherapy experts such as Dr Robert Pappas.

I received a couple of samples in the post – lemongrass, peppermint and wild orange – and straight away my nose perked up at the scents.  I have sniffed a lot of essential oils over the years and I was glad that the quality was high.  I’ve sniffed quite a few low quality ones where there is a noticeable dullness; these DoTerra ones were vibrant straight off. I fell in love with my new essential oils. I have been using them for a few months now and although I was determined that there was no way they were any better than some of the other brands I have used, annoyingly, they are. I think the only ones that are their equal are NHR (but they are a faff to deal with) and Lordington Lavender (the latter only make lavender and nothing else and if you live in West Sussex they have an open weekend in the summer to see the field in full bloom).

So what have I done with them so far?  Well, I have been having hot chocolate with the Wild Orange (I make my cocoa/hot chocolate as normal – and then add 1 drop of wild orange essential oil which gives it flavour and the scent of orange), made very lemony lemon cake with the lemon essential oil (again made a gluten-free cake using Dove’s Farm flour and used 1 drop in the cake mix and then for the buttercream used a drop too), helped my mum with better sleep (using Breathe on a tissue near to her pillow), wipe surfaces that now smell like winter banquets (On Guard) and also one of the security people at Manchester Airport ended up happy sniffing her palms with peppermint and orange (usually security people are grumpy- she was nice from the start and it was a pleasure to share them with her and I am hopeful that her colleagues all felt more alert and happy during the day). I have also had someone feedback that their fungal foot cleared up using one of the products (of course I realise that it could be coincidence and of course to even believe that I would need a double blind placebo study).   Anyway if any of you want to rescue me from this MLM cult you will have to, first, make it through some diffusers because I have found my happy place.

I think one of the best things is the peppermint – often when I do reflexology I use peppermint essential oil with a carrier but somehow a few brands I have used seem to mingle with feet and have a slight sweaty aspect odour. I have used the peppermint with coconut oil and I can now inhale deeply and freely whilst working feet because it stays peppermintish (that ought to be a word). Also I think my own personal snorer is not snoring as frequently due to a blend that is for respiratory support on the pillow (Breathe).

My own favourite blend at the moment is one called Balance.  It’s my go to if I feel stressed or anxious or just need to feel grounded.  When I practice yoga I like to have it nearby.

If any of you have essential oil needs or are curious to learn more please let me know.  There are some forthcoming webinars that will be on how to use essential oils to keep a healthy and happy home, skincare and for moods and I am happy to share some samples  if you wish to attend them so you can have a full experience of not only being educated in their use but a direct experience of inhaling them.

Disclaimer:   Please note I am not a medical practitioner.  I am unable to diagnose medical conditions, nor am I able to offer medical advice. Complementary/holistic therapies, such as Massage and Reflexology, are not intended to replace medical advice nor medical treatment, nor do they claim to “cure”. If you have an issue of a medical nature that is giving you concern then please contact your G.P./doctor first and foremost. 

  • How to shop for Doterra essential oils:  you can buy them at retail by using my store or you can open a wholesale account with me (please let me know – it’s a really easy process).  By opening a wholesale account it doesn’t force you to further purchases nor to build a business. It does give you a big % discount though so that you will save money.  You can also buy a book on essential oils here.

About Elizabeth:

I’ve been a complementary therapist since 2009 and professionally practice massage therapy & reflexology in person and health coaching via Skype.  

My websites are:

www.elizabethplant.co.uk or www.springtimeholistics.com

and you can find and follow me on Facebook here.

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