Me and my girl

Easter bank holiday weekend was when my daughter’s father died.  I was told by my father who was told by my sister-in-law and then I had to tell my daughter that her father was dead.  When I got told I didn’t believe it at first.  I thought I was in a tunnel and in a bad dream.  I was asked if someone else could let my daughter know but I felt it only right that I ought to be the one to tell her.  We were meant to be seeing him over the Easter holiday.

Our little family has had a tough time these past few years and I had hoped that my daughter and her daddy would have some more special times again.

Anyway it’s me and my girl now.  The world doesn’t seem fair sometimes but I am grateful for so many happy memories and the past month has been ok.  I am glad that spring is here, for more sunshine days and grateful that we have our lovely fur and feather family members to care for.  I am also glad for extended family and friends with kind words.

It is going to be difficult to survive – as her father and I were not married there is no widow’s pension and children in the UK receive no assistance from the state when a parent dies.  However, we will.  My daughter is going to write a book soon on a topic she is well versed in and I am going to be assisting her as I used to edit books and am used to publishing.


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