Eggs aplenty

My bantam girls have started to lay eggs again as the days have been light enough to stimulate production. It’s lovely to watch them wandering about the garden as they graze and find all sorts of bugs.  My father’s garden has been plagued by slugs due to the big cat population around here that take a lot of the song birds.  Although my bantams can’t eat large slugs they will, I hope, help with eating the smaller ones and allowing some of his beautiful garden plants to grow.

Yesterday, Honey Hen was found nesting under a yucca in the rockery and had eight eggs that she was sitting on.  As we have no rooster none of the eggs are fertilised so the added bonus is they are cruelty free as no life is harmed by eating them.  They taste so good; although small they seem to have so much flavour and look orange compared to some of the insipid yellow I have seen in non free-range eggs.

Whenever we find eggs that have not come from the nest box I always do a drop/float test.  If eggs have gone off they won’t sink to the bottom of a bowl of water but will, because of the release of gases, float or lift up a bit.  It’s a good way of checking rather than having to open an egg of stench that has gone past its best.


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