30 days of a hair supplement

“Interviewer: ‘So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?’
Frank Zappa: ‘You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?”

I have reached the 30-day mark of taking a supplement called HairAnew by Naturenetics aimed at hair and I promised the manufacturers I would write an honest review.

I received the supplement for free.  I made it clear at the start that I know the biology of hair growth.  It doesn’t grow in 30 days so I was rather skeptical that I would notice any improvements.  In fact, when a hair falls out, during what is called the telogen phase, it takes around 90 days for the hair follice to be reactivated and grow hair again.  The hairs that are already on my head and growing (the anagen phase) do so from the scalp so any hair that has already emerged would not be affected by the supplement so any split ends etc were not going to be miraculously sealed (that takes scissors).

I have long hair.  When I was in my late teens it was down to my waist and grew easily to there. Since I had my miscarriage my hair has never been quite the same (not helped by the severe anaemia I endured).  I even had a bald patch for a bit when it was really bad but I was determined not for vanity’s sake but for enthusiasm for life’s sake to make changes so I researched what was needed to beat the anaemia and had help from herbalists, an aromatherapy friend and also read loads.  It took almost a year to really make a difference but these past 6 months I have been lapse in my eating habits which once again has taken a toll on my hair.

“Beware of her fair hair, for she excels
All women in the magic of her locks;
And when she winds them round a young man’s neck,
She will not ever set him free again.”  Goethe
Anyway here is my verdict.  First off the supplement gave me no side effects like indigestion (one main brand I cannot take as it gives me bad reflux so it was nice that HairAnew agreed with me). I felt the ingredients from sea vegetables like kelp met my standards.  Second, I feel it has made a difference to my wellbeing and I feel my scalp is healthier.  I’ve had comments made about my hair looking shiny and bouncy and near the scalp itself my hair does seem less ‘flat’.  Me being me means I am aware of placebo effect but I have had a number of people who would not say anything nice about my hair normally say how it was looking healthier and thicker (I have had a lot of new growth so this could be due to the time of year and coincidence). However, I have not been using different shampoo nor conditioner so I am wondering if it is the result of the supplement as this time of year my hair normally goes worse with central heating and the holiday food indulgences.  Anyway, I am going to keep taking it and will be purchasing a new bottle.  I have reduced the dose in the past week to one capsule a day rather than two as they are quite high.

Would I recommend this to others?  Yes.  My caveat would be though that if you are taking any medication you definitely need to discuss the supplement ingredients with your pharmacist or doctor.  Ginko Biloba is one of the ingredients so anyone on blood thinners needs to be aware of this.  Also if you are on a good diet already then you will be receiving a lot of the RDA already and either you will be weeing out some of the active ingredients or you could end up on more than you need.

About me:  I’m mother to a teenager and currently studying osteopathy.  I work as a massage therapist, reflexologist and health coach (yes, there’s a theme – I love holistic health).  My website is here.


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