A 30-day trial of a hair supplement

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.  – Kahlil Gibran

I have long hair. I always had longish hair from about 5 years. My reason for long hair goes back to Star Wars.  The only person who was female in Star Wars was Princess Leia and she flew in spaceships and had long hair so my logic back then decided that long hair = space adventures.  In my teens my hair got to waist length.

I  am trialling a supplement in the UK  called Hair Anew for 30 days.  My hair was in very good condition in my teens but as my digestive system got worse alongside my menstrual cycle it started to look more like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.  During my first pregnancy with my daughter I ended up having bald patches and really bad tangled hair after it.  It didn’t really recover for ages after and then I had my second pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage.  After that I became severely anaemic and didn’t have a clue other than I felt depressed why I was so tired and lethargic plus my hair was dropping out in clumps.  I was able to turn my health around using nutrition – working out what foods worked for me and what didn’t and then eating to regain my strength and energy.  It also helped my hair.

There are a lot of products for hair but most of them concern themselves with being put on the outside.  What really works is what we put inside our bodies.  The past few years my hair was healthier again but last spring I went through a major set of stress events.  One of the things I ask my clients to check is how their hair is and their eyebrows.  Trending at the moment are beauty products for hair and eyebrows and yet if you have any problems with either I always advise my clients to go to their healthcare provider (G.P.) as they can indicate thyroid or other medical issues. Adding a product to rinse or disguising your thinning eyebrows with powder

Anyway I was fortunate enough to be able to trial a supplement newly available in the UK.   I’m going to be testing it for 30 days.  Hair growth takes longer than this but it will give me an indication I hope.  Although I am not a nutritional therapist and don’t directly prescribe supplements to my clients I do give advice so they can discover what works for them (if they are on medication then I ask them to check with a pharmacist or primary healthcare provider before taking anything as supplements can interfere with pharmaceuticals).

Day 1:  I took the supplement with my daily meal of breakfast.  What I did notice was I had no after effects like indigestion, no unpleasant taste nor odour and no burping.

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