massage couch

My couch

The massage couch I use comes from Massage Warehouse UK.  I have had it quite a few years now.  Everyone says it is very comfy and I chose it for that reason as well as it being height adjustable plus it is semi-portable (although at 20 kgs that is quite a bit of weight for me to lug about).  It has a face cradle and everyone says the padding on it is deep enough.  In fact I  have had clients who have fallen asleep on my couch.

I remember at the initial training college I went to, Chichester, the couches there were static, quite narrow and non height adjustable.  I didn’t find them very comfy.  When I started to attend the Jing Institute I learned about the American massage tables such as Oakworks and we got to use them there.  In training you get to be both therapist and swap to being the patient too.  It’s lovely if you can lie there on a very comfy couch that feels more like a cosy bed, draped in sheets and I wanted to ensure my clients felt safe and snug.  When I got my couch it wasn’t easy to get hold of the American brands so I found a UK brand instead – Affinity.  I have to admit that apart from the weight I have been very happy with it and so have my patients.

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