My last weekend before…

This is my last weekend before my Masters in Osteopathy degree starts.  I have my reading list and a plan for the first day.  I’m so excited but realising that I am going to have a lot of work to do over the next 5 years and weekends are not going to be same as I work during the week and will study at the weekend and evenings.  That said, I also know that my studying will be enjoyable and not necessarily a chore plus I love my job.

I practiced drawing an outline of a body and a human heart.  Drawing skills have never been my forte when it comes to anatomical labelling.  I’m also a little nervous about embryology as the names often have muddled me in the past (even though I grew a baby myself).

I have a lever arch file ready to stuff my materials in.  I have studied so many times before but I always think of things in hindsight that would have improved my experience.  I’m hoping this time I will have few regrets and that the outcome and the journey there will both be worth it.

2015 has not been a particularly kind year so far.  It’s been very tough with moving but I have also enjoyed the last few months.  It got hard again this weekend when I learned that a very close loved one of mine has had a major health issue come up.  All of it makes me more determined to keep going and keep on track and do my utmost.

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