Food Processor/Blender

I’ve had a few people mentioning prices of juicers/smoothie makers because juicing and blending is a part of my detox program.  I have a really tiny blender/food processor made by Bosch that is here at my shop under the Kitchen Magic section.  It’s worth shopping around for the best price – I got it for about £40.00.  It’s great because the blender stick is metal rather than plastic so you can pop it into hot soups and also it will whizz up fruit for smoothies and the food processor can crumb nuts even and I’ve made nut milks too.  It’s also tiny so great if you have a small kitchen and means you don’t have too much to wash up.

Quick tip on blenders and juicers:  don’t leave the washing up until later.  As soon as your food is ready either drink it from the cup that comes with your blender or pour it into a container and then wash the parts immediately or at least rinse otherwise you will find that fruit fibres etc will stick and be hard to scrub off.

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