Three types of people and self care

There are generally three types of people I see in my practice:

  1. The first is someone who is generally proactive about their health.  They exercise, take care of themselves and understand that nutrition and complementary therapies are essential to living a productive life.  He or she may know a huge amount about nutrition and particular disciplines such as Pilates or yoga.  However, they know it is important to still have support so they will regularly schedule in massage or consider health coaching to give them the edge they need to improveand/or maintain their lifestyle and wellbeing.
  2. The second is someone who knows what to do but doesn’t do it.  They are far too busy and although they may know that selfcare is important they don’t have the time nor space to schedule it in.  These are the people who come to me when they have a chronic but non-medical condition.  He or she has usually exhausted medical routes (it is always important to go to your doctor), maybe had some physio or been told to ‘lose weight’ or take exercise.  They may be starting on a path to selfcare but are still in early days and complementary therapies and health coaching are usually their last resorts.  They may have had the odd bout but by no means are they in the habit of taking good care of their health and wellbeing.
  3. The third is usually someone who has no idea and only comes to see me because someone has insisted they do or has given them a gift.  They may be lucky in that so far ill health has not caused them any problems.  These are the clients who usually go “Wow” with something like their first massage or reflexogy session.  They may think yoga is a character from Star Wars and leafy greens are something you only see at the garden centre.  They often start to head towards being Type 1 clients once they have experienced the wonders of self care.

So which type are you?  Do you have regular maintenance and ensure you look after yourself?  Or are you someone who doesn’t make time and space and is aware of the aches and stresses but feels that you can leave them to get worse?

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