Autumn cooking


Autumn is the time of year as we transition from the long days of summer to the short days of winter.  Whereas until a month ago or so the focus of my cooking was on salads and simple fayre such as hummous, now I realise that my body needs the warmth of stews and casseroles.  I love the rich colours at this time of year from the squashes – pumpkins in hues of orange and green taste marvellous as soups, pasta sauces and one-pot wonders.

Autumn sunshine has a lovely glow about it.  The leaves on the cherry tree outside have a tinge as their chlorophyll levels drop.  At night there’s a definite chill in the air and I’m aware that the days are definitely shortening and the nights are lengthening, now that we have gone past the Autumn Equinox.  The berries on the trees are starting to lose their tension and turn to mush. Michaelmas daisies have been out for weeks but are still beautiful as they receive their visits from bees and butterflies, all desperate for their last fills of the season.

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